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Gerard Consulting Group
Services Overview

Our Expertise

Team Building - The development of effective teams harnesses human resources and enables better thinking, solutions, commitment and accountability. We do not believe in a "one model fits all" approach.

Organizational Culture - Assessment of organizational culture and application of the findings creates priorities and strategies for improvement of the bottom line.

Strategic Planning - Strategic planning is both the discipline and the process that results in the total concentration of the organization's resources toward mutually developed and measurable outcomes.

Employee Renewal - Motivation for growth, balancing life-roles, dialogue and collaboration for personal renewal - and goal setting for renewal.

Facility Planning - We believe in blending tried and true principles of facility planning with the educational needs and priorities of the school district and its community.

Our Offerings

Seminars - Seminars provide opportunities for motivation, knowledge, understanding and dialogue. Varying in length, seminars let participants stretch their thinking and become more aware of best practice, knowledge and research.

Work Sessions - Work sessions have a hands-on product focus related to work experiences. Sessions range from one day to year long activities.

Retreats - Retreats are more informal settings for motivation and product focus. Learning, dialogue, skill development, planning and evaluation take place. Held on or off-site, retreats provide in-depth personal interaction, team development, vision casting and long range planning. Retreats vary in length.

Coaching - Coaching occurs in one-to-one or small group settings. In-depth mentoring, assessment, advisement, planning and personal goal setting are the focus of these sessions. Sessions generally take place over an extended period of time.

Professional Development - Professional development half-day or full day meetings are conducted for motivation, skill development and new knowledge.

Leader Development - Assessing need, teaching skills, building and following a growth plan for quality leaders.

Coaching Mentoring - Guiding experienced employees, resolving conflict, and assessing career direction for on-going improvement

Related Services - Facilitation, Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

Our Beliefs

Gerard Consulting Group provides services intended to build leaders, strategies and culture which will make significant contributions to organizational performance. We create structures and opportunities to empower employees and build commitment to mission and vision. It is also our focus to develop strategies and priorities that enable more effective and efficient use of time, employee capacity and resources.

We connect research based data to the organization in a manner that, if appropriately addressed, can impact the "bottom line." That same data can provide a focus for leader improvement, team development, strategic planning and customer focus. The services we offer are tailored to meet your needs with a plan for accountability.

We believe effective consultation involves:

  • Pre-planning and organization
  • hands-on training and development
  • involvement in early stages of implementation
  • regular follow-up, monitoring and assessment

GCG consulting processes respect and build on the strengths and talents of the people in your organization. Our work leads you to action. You and others in your organization will be able to use the processes, skills and understandings received.

In This Section

Services Overview

Team Building

Organizational Culture

Strategic Planning

Employee Renewal

Facility Planning

About GCG

Gerard Consulting Group (GCG) specializes in the development of quality in organizations. Our mission is "to build leaders, teamwork and strategies for a stronger bottom line - maximizing the use of talent and planning in the organization."
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Contact Us

It would be a pleasure to talk with you regarding our services, client references, and fees. Contact us at:

Horizon Drive SE, Suite F3A
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
ph: 616.940.1960
fax: 616.940.3891
email: info@gerardconsulting.com

Client References

GCG has provided services for management teams, school districts, foundation boards, industry productivity groups, corporate management teams and community organizations. Check out our extensive list of references.

Our Core Staff

GCG has an experienced staff that delivers quality services and results to a variety of impressive clients across the country.
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