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Gerard Consulting Group
Employee Renewal

The Human Resource Priority

Today's workplace doesn't allow much time for true focus on the person. Time is spent learning the technical, perfecting skills and gaining new information. Yet, it is widely recognized that the human side of the of the work place is of equal importance. Without developing the individual, it is difficult to achieve the desired levels of motivation, attitude, relationships and commitment.

Gerard Consulting Group consultants believe that it is important to give employees the opportunity to reflect, to have the opportunity to think about balance in their lives and to engage in dialogue with others about future directions. Identifying strengths, clarifying values, resolving conflict and engaging with others to study past successes is key to employee renewal. We utilize these areas of focus to guide people in building on success, identifying new areas for growth and establishing partnerships for support in new directions.

Renewal Components

  • Creating Dialogue
  • Reflecting on Hopes and Dreams
  • Identifying Personal Strengths
  • Building on Past Successes
  • Clarifying Values
  • Creating "I Can" Attitudes
  • Problem Solving
  • Defining Future Directions
  • Building Partnerships
  • Constructing Personal Action Plans


GCG staff facilitate the renewal activities and guide participants in both informal and structured processes of study. We provide our services through:

  • Retreats of Varying Length
  • On-Site Continuous Process Work Sessions
  • Small Group Seminars
  • Individual or Small Group Coaching
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Gerard Consulting Group (GCG) specializes in the development of quality in organizations. Our mission is "to build leaders, teamwork and strategies for a stronger bottom line - maximizing the use of talent and planning in the organization."
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Client References

GCG has provided services for management teams, school districts, foundation boards, industry productivity groups, corporate management teams and community organizations. Check out our extensive list of references.

Our Core Staff

GCG has an experienced staff that delivers quality services and results to a variety of impressive clients across the country.
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