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Gerard Consulting Group
Organizational Culture

Create a culture for excellence...

"Organizational Culture impacts every aspect of an organization's performance. Yet, most leadership energies have not been focused on "what we know" about the relationship between organizational culture traits and bottom-line performance. The causes and effects are increasingly clear."

Dr. Duane Sheldon, Superintendent, Grandville Public Schools

We can help your organization create a culture for excellence. Research shows that organizational culture consists of six components:

  • Mission
  • Consistency
  • Adaptability
  • Involvement
  • Empowerment
  • Commitment

Gerard Consulting Group services will successfully guide you in:

  • Assessment of the organization's culture
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Presentation of the findings
  • Development of a plan for growth
  • Annual review and assessment

Empower your organization...

At Gerard Consulting Group, we work with proven assessment instruments which provide a methodology for identifying and linking organizational performance with tangible culture characteristics. The relationships are powerful.

Even more powerful, are the opportunities for action. We will help you follow-up the assessment with proven strategies that will improve your organizationís culture. Research based culture assessment processes have direct impact on performance.

We offer these services for your leadership team, departments, a division, governing board, or the entire organization. GCG consultants are a team whose members believe that the key to quality is the leadership in each setting and the culture they are able to successfully develop.

We believe that leaders need to:

  • identify the most valuable assets in the organization.
  • measure the impact of organizational culture traits.
  • develop the culture characteristics related to high performance.

We have the training and experience needed to incorporate the methods and tools of organizational culture. Consultants will provide your organization with hands-on methods of creating and building effective and productive culture leadership.

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About GCG

Gerard Consulting Group (GCG) specializes in the development of quality in organizations. Our mission is "to build leaders, teamwork and strategies for a stronger bottom line - maximizing the use of talent and planning in the organization."
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Client References

GCG has provided services for management teams, school districts, foundation boards, industry productivity groups, corporate management teams and community organizations. Check out our extensive list of references.

Our Core Staff

GCG has an experienced staff that delivers quality services and results to a variety of impressive clients across the country.
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